How to Register Teams & Programs

IF YOU ARE A NEW PROGRAM PLEASE EMAIL for an application to the JGLA

If this is your first time using this new JGLA website or you are new to JGLA please read these instructions.


Registering town programs and the teams that belong to them is a simple process. This guide will walk you through the process of claiming your town’s program on the JGLA website and how to register teams, add coaches, and other vital information.

For Program Administrators

Every town and program needs one (and only one) Program Administrator. The Program Admin is the person responsible for registering each team for that program. Program Admins are also responsible for assigning a Head Coach to each team and sharing important JGLA information with the teams in their program.

Create Your Program Administrator Account

If you are new to JGLA or this is the first time you are using the new registration system just click any Join JGLA link to create your Program Admin account.

Once you submit your account info you will receive a confirmation email and be redirected to the login page.

Register One or More Teams

Once you’ve successfully created a Program Admin account you can register your teams. Simply fill out all of the information on the team registration form and click the Add to cart button. If you wish to register more than one team just repeat the process.

You will need the following information to register a team:

  • The Town or Program Name: Find your town or program in the drop-down list. If your town or program is not listed please contact JGLA.
  • Age Group: Select the age group of the team you are registering.
  • Select or Travel: Choose if the team is a Select or Travel team.
  • Team Name: Each team must have a name.
  • Head Coach Name & Email: It is strongly recommended that you add Head Coach information at the time of registration. This will automatically create an account for the Head Coach on the JGLA website that will allow them to update their team page, add a coaching staff and contact information, and add other important information like field directions.

Only Program Administrators can register teams. Head Coaches and other staff members cannot register their own team. Please contact your local JGLA Program Admin if your team is not registered yet.

Submit Payment

Once you have filled out the registration form for each team registration you can go to your cart to finish the checkout process and submit your payment. We encourage you to use a credit card to pay for your registrations.

Upon checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email and the Head Coaches for your teams will receive and email with instructions for logging into the JGLA website.

For Head Coaches

A Head Coach is the primary point of contact for their team and is the only one who can update a Team’s page on the JGLA website and add staff and contact information.

Only Program Administrators can register teams. Head Coaches and other staff members cannot register their own team. Please contact your local JGLA Program Admin if your team is not registered yet.

Log into Your Account

Once your Program Admin registers your team and assigns you as the Head Coach you will receive and email with instructions on how to sign into the JGLA website. This email will contain your initial password (which you can change once you log in).

Manage Your Team(s)

Once you log in, you will see the My Account link in the top-right of the website. On the My Account page you will see buttons to Edit My Profile and Manage My Teams.

On the My Teams page you will see a list of any teams for which you are the Head Coach. Clicking the Edit Team button will bring you to a form where you can edit the team details. You can:

  • Add a Coaching Staff: Clicking the Add New Coach button will allow you to enter the details of the other members of your tram’s coaching staff.
  • Change the Name, Age Group, or Team Type
  • Add a Team Description or Field Directions: Since every team gets its own page on the JGLA website, you can enter any important information about our team that other may need to know.

Share Your Team Page


Every team registered with JGLA has its own page that can be shared with others. To find your team’s page go to Teams & Programs, and find your town or program under the appropriate conference. Click on your town to see a link to all teams registered in that town. Clicking on the team will show the coaching staff with contact info and any other important information, such as field directions.

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