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This year the Jamboree will take place rain or shine on Sunday June 3rd, 2018 at   Mountain Park, 2 Mountain Road, Basking Ridge, NJ, United States  NJ. The date has been moved up this year so girls participating on club teams should not have conflicts! 
Please read on to see how your 8th graders can participate.
PLAYERS SUBMISSION Deadline has been pushed to Saturday the 19th at 8 pm
Each JGLA program may send three (3) 8th grade players per (7/8) SELECT/TRAVEL team you have registered in our League. These girls don’t have to be your best players, but rather those who clearly have a love of the game and influence the other girls on the team in a positive way. The selection process is up to each town/program.The cost for JGLA players is included in the League dues and we expect that each team has already paid its 2018 dues. Each team will play 2 games. We will first schedule teams for the morning sessions, but will add afternoon sessions for other teams if needed. Each girl will be issued a pinnie that she can keep.
We also need 24-30 goalies. They do NOT count against your field player allocation and will play a minimum of two games. Be sure to note a position for each girl that you submit!
Send questions to: 
Or complete the form at https://goo.gl/forms/XRF6uJi6Sd7WA9xr1

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