Good Sportsmanship Policy & Guidelines

Mission: To encourage good JGLA sportsmanship by our players, our coaches, our teams and the spectators who enjoy the games.

In order to encourage good behavior and to protect those towns that have followed JGLA’s mission and the spirit of our Association, the JGLA Board is adopting this enforcement system to ensure that all teams support the JGLA’s Good Sportsmanship Policy + Guidelines.

Our overarching theme continues to reinforce “Honoring the Game” and to communicate and resolve issues; we do not wish to penalize our Member Programs; individuals and/or groups alike.

Enforcement System:

  • Good Standing: No warnings or issues.
  • 1st Warning: JGLA has issued an individual/team/town a warning regarding its financial standing, behavior or other issue.
  • Probation: JGLA has issued a 2nd warning regarding: A) a repeated offense related to the 1st warning or B) for a separate unrelated issue. Program representatives will be required to meet with the JGLA’s Review Committee before being permitted to apply for membership the next year.
  • Suspension: Programs that receive a 3rd warning of any kind during the course of the season will be allowed to honor the remainder of their schedules, so as not to penalize the other towns, however, they will be prohibited from participating in additional/special events throughout the year (i.e. Jamboree, Select Team Festival, etc…). Program representatives will be required to meet with the JGLA’s Review Committee before being permitted to apply for membership the next year.
  • Expulsion: After due consideration, and based upon repeated unacceptable actions/behavior, the JGLA is given no other option but to expel all of the Program’s teams from the Association for a minimum of one (1) year.

The JGLA Review Committee includes the President, Umpire Chair, the Ethics Chair and ethics subcomittee for the specific conference. Member Programs that have either been suspended or expelled may appeal this decision to the entire JGLA board.

Examples of Inappropriate Actions & Behavior

  • Failure to attend required JGLA meetings
  • Failure to pay dues/fees by the required deadline
  • Failure to comply with coaching requirements and display credentials
  • Failure to provide Sideline Managers at all games
  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct from the town’s Board, Coaches, Players, and/or Spectators
  • Using profane and/or derogatory language towards the opposing team’s players, coaches, umpires or spectators
  • Arguing with and/or questioning the umpires’ calls
  • Having a Select Level team play a Rec Level team without mutual agreement of both coaches before game day
  • Failure to play a game because of a lack of desire to drive the distance
  • Canceling a game within 48 hours (unless due to weather or field closure) – $60 fee 
  • Failure to adhere to the home team’s responsibilities
  • Failure to create evenly balanced teams at the Travel/Rec Levels if more than one (1) team at same level
  • Posting scores and/or standings on the web
  • Running up the score at the Travel/Rec levels
  • Other unsportsmanlike conduct not in keeping with JGLA’s Mission or the spirit of Honoring the Game



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