Code of Conduct

JGLA Sportsmanship Statement

There will be NO TOLERANCE for UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior such as negative statements or actions between players, coaches, officials, and fans. This includes TAUNTING, BERATING, or ANY ACTIONS THAT RIDICULE OR CAUSE EMBARRASSMENT TO THEM. If such comments are heard, a penalty will be assessed immediately.  WE ARE ALL A TEAM; the players, coaches, parents, and officials.  The purpose of youth town lacrosse is to learn and grow in the spirit of the game and the JGLA wants to encourage GREAT behavior.

JGLA Conduct Rules

Good sportsmanship on the part of all players, coaches and fans is always the standard.  Each town must ensure that their coaches/players/fans abide by the standards of good behavior outlined by the Association.  The following Code of Conduct and Association administrative rules are expected to be followed by all towns participating in the Association.


Each team (home and away) will provide a Sideline Administrator (SA) for each game.   The SA is responsible for maintaining the following rules on any non-participant.  Details on the SA role including instructions on using “Blue Cards” are available on the US Lacrosse website.

All (Players, Coaches, Fans)

  1. Be respectful
  2. No profanity
  3. No threatening behavior
  4. No interference (physical or verbal) with play
  5. Clean up after yourselves at game sites


  1. Good sportsmanship is expected
  2. Do not make derogatory comments about other players, coaches, or officials
  3. Do not argue with the officials
  4. Do not throw equipment
  5. Be responsible for you stick and actions at all times


  1. Coach with positive techniques rather than negative ones
  2. Remember this is youth lacrosse – not the NCAA finals – put things in perspective and relax
  3. Understand that many times youth lacrosse is where inexperienced refs and cadets gain experience – do not expect perfection – do not verbally attack the officials
  4. Do not make derogatory comments about players, coaches, or officials
  5. Do not encourage or reward players for fouls or physical play.  Players receiving Yellow Cards or Red Cards should not be getting high five’s when they come to the sideline.
  6. All coaches should know the rules of women’s / youth lacrosse


  1. No berating officials, players or coaches
  2. All fans must be on the opposite side of the field from the players
  3. Do not approach the coaches during the game
  4. Do not approach officials before or after the game
  5. Try not to coach your kids from the sidelines – what you are telling them might be contrary to the coaches’ instructions


  1. All coaches, players and parents must read and agree to the Conduct Rules.
  2. Coaches will be responsible for their players and fans.
  3. Officials will file complaints regarding players, coaches, and parents with the Association.  Infractions will be disciplined.
  4. Players ejected from games must sit out the immediate next JGLA game they are to play in.  If the next game is rained out that does not count towards the player’s game suspension. It is important that players fulfillment the suspension so that future players are deterred to not commit and or be more responsible for their sticks and checking attempts .
  5. Coaches (both teams) and officials are required to meet just prior to games to go over Association rules and any grounds rules that may apply.  This is also where coaches will agree to half time length as well as for the home team to introduce their Sideline Administrator to the Officials and opposing team coach.

JGLA Coach’s Code of Conduct

I acknowledge that I am familiar with both the rules of girls’/women’s lacrosse and the rules of the JGLA.  I will honor both the spirit and letter of rules and insist that my players, their parents and our fans do the same.

I understand that at all times I must lead by example and that I must be a positive role model for my players and their parents.  I know that the way my team conducts itself can also have an influence, for better or worse, on those we compete against.  Each year and throughout the course of the season I will explain my expectations regarding acceptable behavior, sportsmanship and conduct to my players and their parents.

I understand that the true measure of success for a youth lacrosse coach is player enjoyment and improvement.  I will concentrate on my players’ enjoyment of the game and their overall, long-term development as athletes and young women.

I pledge to use Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coaching techniques, including:

  1. Modeling and teaching my players to Honor the Game  through ROOTS (Respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self)
  2. I will help my players to redefine what it means to be a “winner” in terms of mastery, not just the scoreboard.  I will reward effort and team play, not just good outcomes.
  3. I will fill my players Emotional Tanks using the 5:1 magic ratio of positive reinforcements to each criticism/correction.

I acknowledge that making mistakes and losing are part of life.  I pledge that I will be tolerant of the mistakes of players, coaches, umpires and others.  I recognize that mistakes lead to coachable moments.  I understand that my success is not measured by winning but through teaching life lessons and providing a safe, positive learning environment for all of my players regardless of their skill level.

I will do my best to treat all my players fairly.  I acknowledge that lacrosse is a team sport and I will encourage my girls play as a team.  I pledge that I will commit to promoting an atmosphere of healthy competition to ensure fun for all participants.  I will not run up scores against weaker opponents or novice teams.  I understand that the JGLA is concerned about a limited number of players dominating game play.  I will use my dominant players creatively by encouraging them to work on all aspects of their game and to do what they need to do to make their teammates improve and have a positive experience.

I understand that girls’ youth lacrosse has changed and evolved rapidly in recent years due to both rule and equipment changes.  I am committed to teaching my players the basic stick skills and advanced team concepts they will need to play lacrosse safely and to succeed in the modern game.  I pledge to continue to grow and learn as a coach by embracing modern coaching techniques and will do my best to prepare my players for success at the next level.

I will show respect for all involved in the game of lacrosse and I will demand that everyone associated with my team do the same.  Before, during and after games I will be responsible for the conduct of my players, their parents and our fans.  Prior to each game I will introduce myself to the opposing coaches and umpires to go over Association rules and any ground rules that may apply.  I will report any misconduct by coaches, players, parents or umpires to the Association’s Sportsmanship Committee so that it can be dealt with appropriately.

I understand that youth lacrosse is where inexperienced umpires gain valuable experience.  I will never expect perfection.  I will never verbally attack the umpires nor will I ever make critical or derogatory comments about them.  After each game I will thank the umpires and ask my players and their parents to do the same.

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