JGLA Rules & Guidelines

The Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association (JGLA) was established as an organizing tool to assist Member Programs in the growth of girls’ lacrosse and to facilitate communication and competition between those programs. We are the largest girls only youth lacrosse organization in the country and the 6th largest overall chapter with US Lacrosse nationally. We are extremely proud of the fact that we lead the nation in the number of certified level 1 coaches in the women’s game.

The Association emphasizes that inter-town competition at the youth level be instructional and foster a positive experience for all involved. It is expected that each Member Program will support our mantra of “Honoring the Game” and stress a love for the game as well as skills and rules of play. Good sportsmanship on the part of all players, coaches and fans is always the standard.

The Association strives to comply with the US Lacrosse Youth rules and we refer you to the 2015 Women’s Rule Book Official Rules for Girls and Women’s Lacrosse. Those rules also govern youth girls’ lacrosse except where US Lacrosse has amended otherwise. Those amendments are based in part on exhaustive surveys of rules in leagues representing nearly 170,000 youth players and on research and published literature from the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, resulting in the development of age-appropriate playing rules and the annual publication of the “Youth Rules and Best Practices Guidebook for Girls.” US Lacrosse has made some modifications.

Key Rule Changes for 2019

  • 7/8 Select/7/8 full checking one coaches must be level 1, if not the game will be played modified checking.
  • 7/8 and 5/6 modified checking games, One coach must be Level 1 certified, if not the game will be played NO Checking.

Coaches Need Proof of Certification with Them AT ALL Times

JGLA COACHES rule interpretation meeting card:

  • Two coaches on sideline: One coach must have JGLA ID card from 2018, this will be different from the 2017 JGLA card
  • Three coaches on sideline: Two coaches must have JGLA ID card from 2018
  • BOTH teams must designate the sideline manager for their team and have them present at the coin toss
  • It is the responsibility of the towns to ensure that all participants have acknowledged the ethic and sportsman code of the JGLA

PLEASE see US Lacrosse for stick stringing regulations



  • 5-4-1:Following a whistle blown for a foul outside of the critical scoring area, the player who is awarded the free position, after coming to a stop, may continue the course of play without waiting for an additional whistle from a settled stance (both feet stationary on the ground and the ball positioned in the head of the crosse.)The player fouled must take the free position within playing distance of the spot of the foul.The offending player shall move 4 m from the player taking the free position, as directed by the official.  All players must move 4m away from the free position, as directed by the official.

Penalty Zone

10-1 PENALTIES 4c, e; 11-2 PENALTIES 5a; 13 (NEW) — Establishes a penalty zone that must be cleared when a major foul by a defensive player occurs within 8 meters of the goal circle and above the goal line extended, increasing safety around 8-meter free positions.

  1. All players stand on the whistle
  2. Players take shortest route out
  3. Players are cleared in “pairs”
  4. If opposing players are moved to adjacent hash, defensive player gets the hash


}Transitional Checking – An attempt to dislodge the ball from an opponent’s crosse in which the checking movement is down and away from the body and outside a 12-inch sphere surrounding the head is allowable.

}The checking motion may not reach across an opponent’s body. (across two shoulders)

}Any check into the sphere constitutes an illegal check.

}Check to the head and a slash are mandatory yellow cards.



The Home Team will Designate a Timer

  • 7/8: 25 minutes running (if coaches choose they stop under 2)
  • 5/6: 20 minute halves (stop under 2) or 25 minutes running
  • 3/4 or 1/2: 18 or 20 minute halves (maximum) 8 v 8 with a goalie…ALWAYS only 7 field players

Goal Differential

  • MODIFIED checking, when a team is up by 4 or more goals, they have the option at any time to take a free position



All Youth

Will play regular US Lacrosse Women’s Rules with the following modifications:

  • No Deputy
  • No follow through into goal circle on a shot
  • Regulation field stick (35.5”minimum and 43.25 “ maximum) and pocket EXCEPT for 3/4 and 1/2
  • NO Overtime in the JGLA
  • Grade 7/8 Select or 7/8 full checking Specifics

    FULL CHECK LISTED IN ARBITER SELECT ONLY: Any check to the head is a mandatory yellow card. Player sits and team plays short for 2 minutes of elapsed playing time.

Grade 5/6 & Travel 7/8 Specifics

  • Modified checking or no checking. A check to the head may be a yellow or red card. Player sits and team plays short for 2 minutes (yellow), 4 minutes (red) of elapsed playing time
  • Must count 3 seconds good defense.

3/4 Specifics

  • 7 v 7 field players goalie does not count(with goalies it makes it 8v8)
  • 2 players must stay behind the midfield (restraining line)
  • 5 field players are allowed below the restraining line. If both teams have goalies play with goalies (8v8), if one team does not have a goalie then no goalies (7v7).
  • Regular women’s crosse, modified pocket allowed, may be cut to fit comfortably along arm
  • No checking
  • Must count 3 seconds good defense
  • Game starts with a draw and half starts with draw
  •  After goal: After a goal the team scored upon will take the ball to the start and begin with a free possession with opposing team 4 m away on an angle WILL BE INDIRECT.
  • Carded player leaves field for 2 minutes Yellow or 4 minutes Red. A substitute must take her place.
  • Contested ground balls by more than 2 players becomes an alternate possession
  • Players are not permitted to cover under any circumstances
  • 1 v 1 defense enforced midfield, but not within the critical scoring area
  • Substitution may occur at any time

JGLA ADAPTION:  If there is one goalie and both teams agree the goalie will play in the same goal for the entire game and the opposite goal will be flipped.


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